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Good for a Date -- the Boston edition

Reader Miles suggested I write a post dedicated more thoroughly to "places good for a date." I was surprised going through my own archives that I hadn't done this. Sure, suggestions had slipped in here and there, but no posts explicitly for restaurants good for a date. I am disappointed in myself!

A lot of food blogs out there are written by married people. Which is great. These people probably have a lot more money to spend going out to restaurants. But it's also, let's face it, a little ZZZzzzzz. Single people (ahem, like me) know the anxiety over picking that perfect spot. Do I choose L'Espalier to show him/her that I mean business? Or more casual, like a Cambridge 1? Dress up, dress down? And for the gastro-intestinally-challenged, what places to avoid for fear of rumbly tummies and musical performances, not of the instrumental kind? (I can't ever imagine having Mexican on a first date. YIKES. But that's just me.*)

Anyway, back to my point. Here is Dish Gal's list of my favorite first date places in Boston. These are mid-priced gems, good for any sort of date, aka places that don't scream WE'RE ON A DATE LET'S BE ROMANTIC!. (Exceptions to this are noted.) These are also aimed at 20/30-somethings, i.e. the ambiance, price-point, and locations are all accessible to my age group. I've linked to my old reviews on ones that I've written about.  I'm almost positive I'm forgetting some of my definitely please leave suggestions in the comments!!

- The Paramount, Beacon Hill -- Known for its chaotic yet delicious breakfasts, this place chills way down for dinnertime. Then, the tables get spiffed up for waiter service, and you'll get the Beacon Hill romantic vibe minus the high price.

- Metropolis Cafe, South End -- You'll get points for introducing him/her to a place they've never been (MC is surprisingly under-the-radar for some reason). Plus yummy food with reasonable portions, to avoid that "I'm so full I just want to go to sleep" feeling.

- South End Buttery, South End -- This is pretty darn romantic, so the date should definitely be an established date for this one. I'd suggest a 3rd date.

- Trattoria di Monica, North End -- The North End is always an obvious choice. I like Trattoria di Monica for a date because it's reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is cozy and romantic, yet chic, and without any North End kitsch.

- Toro, South End -- Repeat after me: Go. On. A. Weekday. (A weekend first date at this always-packed spot would be disastrous). This restaurant is good because it's fun, and the cramped space forces you to speak closely. Plus, Toro serves some potent and delicious cocktails. Or $1 PBRs. Whatever your fancy.

- Tupelo, Inman Square -- This has hidden-find bonus points. Cozy Southern comfort food in an un-fussy atmosphere. Fun and casual. Great for one of those "are we on a date? or is this just a dinner with a friend?" moments.

- Garden at the Cellar, Central/Harvard Square-- See notes for above, but swap in "Seasonal American" for "Southern comfort food."

- Cambridge 1, Harvard Square -- I'm stealing this idea from Sebastian. It's definitely a good, casual, split-a-pizza and have some beers place, but with a nicer atmosphere than your typical grab a slice place.

- Tasca, Brighton -- Bordering on "obviously romantic" but still deserves a mention for its coziness and delicious food and sangria.

- Drink, Fort Point Channel -- for the "drinks with a lil food" date. I like these types of dates best; I'm never really hungry when I have first-date butterflies. A stiff, handcrafted cocktail and a couple of gougeres sounds perfect to me!

*If your tum is fine with Mexican, I'd suggest Casa Romero, hidden off of Newbury Street on Gloucester Street. 

PS My absolute favorite dating blog is Why I'm Single. It's based in NYC, but the hilarious tales of dating in a city are universally hilarious. A great read.  


Elina said...

I'm so offended, lol
Great suggestions; even us married people like going on dates. :) Btw, Cambridge 1 also has a location in Fenway, and I definitely need to check out the rest of those spots!

SPIKEmgb said...

HEYYY!!! Yes! <3 A little shout-out.

Glad I could give you a good suggestion! You have no idea how much this helps.

Om Gal said...

Your first 2 are among my top choices too! Metropolis, in particular, is so pitch perfect. I also recently fell in love with Tangierino in C-town and highly recommend it. Though, admittedly, it's pretty romantic, with the whole bedouin tent feel and all. Swoon . . .

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