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Food at Drink.

I've been to Drink, Barbara Lynch's subterranean bar that pays homage to great cocktails, courtesy of John Gertsen, a few times before, but only ever, ahem, drank there.

This past Thursday, after the Boston magazine party upstairs at FP3, we headed down to Drink and decided to order lots of food (we were a big-- and hungry-- group).

I didn't take any photos, so I figure I'd just sum it up like so:

Great choices:
Gougeres: little flaky cheese puffs - SO GOOD we were all tempted to each order a bucket of them
Proscuitto di Parma with cauliflower: delicate and savory; almost seductive in its slippery texture
Steak tartare: sooo meatyyyy (any The Soup/Joel McHale fans out there?? ;) But seriously, really good steak tartare.

Okay choices:
Grilled cheese sandwiches with carmelized onion: didn't blow me away, but weren't bad either.

Didn't love:
Buttermilk biscuits with ham and jelly: I was hoping for Hungry Mother type little bites of heaven but instead these were dry, bulky things. Sigh, I need to go back to HM soon.

My drink was amazing, per usual. If you're not familiar with Drink, the idea is that there is no cocktail menu-- you just say something you like (e.g. I like XYZ herb and XYZ booze) and they make you something, from scratch. No mixers or soda here. On Thursday, I requested Mai-Tai-esque and received something with all that lovely boozyness of a Mai-Tai, minus that sickening sweet aftertase.

I am torn on this place-- I kinda wanna hate it since it's so "I'm SO cool and trendy" but I kinda always have a good time when I go...any other places you go to that are like this for you? Maybe the Liberty? But I like Drink better than the Liberty...hmm....


ShortcakeScraps said...

Drink is a great place! The Gougeres are my favorite! You should try Sportello upstairs for dinner sometime, too. Thanks for using my photo on your post by the way. :)

frederic said...

The trendy vibe dissipates on Sundays through Tuesdays. After that, the place gets too crowded to step into. On Sunday nights, you get pampered. Later in the week, it does seem like too popular of a spot and the drink quality suffers due to the rush.

Dish This! said...

Shortcake Scraps-- It was a great photo, thanks for letting me use it!

Frederic-- I definitely agree. I've now been on a Saturday (mob scene), Sunday (empty, totally pampered), Tuesday (crowded but still GREAT service), and a Thursday (same as Tuesday but with more people). Great tip, thanks!

We Are Not Martha said...

I totally feel the same way about Drink AND Liberty! But I think it's a good thing Drink is a bit out of the way, so it's not usually overrun with people seeking trendiness!


Dish This! said...

First off, thanks for commenting, Sues!! I am such a huge fan of your blog.

And great point about the location of drink-- can you imagine if that bar was in like back bay or something? yikes.