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Hungry Mother

Despite continuously hearing the rave reviews of Hungry Mother, for some reason I only got there for the first time a few weekends ago. I wanted to go and be like "Ehh, it's okay..." but Dish Gal cannot tell a lie-- it was outstanding. Let me say it again, for emphasis: Hungry Mother--Barry Maiden's Southern comfort food meets French technique restaurant in Kendall Square-- is OUTSTANDING.

I'm so glad I did wait to go so that I could go with the perfect dining companion-- Dish Brother. Dish Bro knows great food, having spent nearly 20 years eating all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. So, his claim that Hungry Mother was "one of the greatest meals of his life" really holds a LOT of weight.

Dish Bro was also the perfect companion because he's not a "let's just split an appetizer" type dinner guest. When Dish Bro and Sis eat at these kind of restaurants, we're not messing around. I want to taste as much as humanly possible. Thank God we did.

We started with two selections from the "To Tide You Over" section of the menu: the boiled Virgina peanuts ($3) and Allon Benton's Country Ham with angel biscuits and pepper jelly ($4). Who knew peanuts could be so delightful? And the biscuits were ridiculously good, in that how-did-they-do-that!!? way. I've been a fan of pepper jelly since Dish Mom first spread some on a cracker with cream cheese as an after-school snack for me, but I've never seen it utilized in a restaurant-- which seems like a shame. I couldn't get a good photo of this dish, and was too excited about eating it to care.Next we split the mixed greens salad ($8). Now, that sounds like a boring choice, but with kumquats, goat cheese, pecans, and an elegant vinaigrette, it was the farthest you could get from boring. A few weeks later, I was reminiscing on my meal at HM with a food-loving friend of mine, and we both couldn't stop talking about our love of this salad, if that gives you any idea how memorable it is.For our mains, Dish Bro went with their famous cornmeal-crusted catfish with andouille sausage and green tomato relish ($18).I chose the French gnocchi, possibly the fluffiest gnocchi I've ever had. This came in a creamy parmiagano-reggiano sauce with summer squashes, peas, and pancetta.We also split (I told you, we weren't messing around) the baked grits with cheddar and ham ($4). Thank God I had made a dent in my meal before trying this, because I ate one bite and instantly was full. This crazy-rich little pot of heaven is not for the faint of heart-- or those apt to have an actual heart attack.We were too stuffed to have dessert, but perhaps that will be my reason to return to Hungry Mother. Not that I need another reason-- I'm already plotting my return visit. Anyone wanna join? ;)

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Elina said...

I'm in :) I've been dying to go there! Thanks for this reminder. I'm even more excited now.