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Link Time!

Here are some cool food-related articles I've come across recently:

Taste-testing Cheap Olive Oils. Which ones are best when you don't want to drop a lot of $$$. I am pleased to report their best overall choice is Dish Gal's go-to, also. Phew. {via Serious Eats}

Virgin America has added the banh-mi to its menu. Another reason why Virgin America is amazing (and why the banh-mi may have jumped the shark in its "cool" factor). {via Serious Eats}

Getting the most out of fall flavors: Will Gilson's recipes for fall (who interviewed him?! She must be very attractive and wise ;) and also how to best cook late summer/early autumn ingredients, like figs and eggplant, via the New York Times. Archaeologists may have uncovered ancient Roman VIP dining room. The inner geek in me loves this. Recently someone asked me if I could go back in time for one day, where would I go and what would I do. I said I'd want to go to one of those like 9 hour Roman feasts where they eat lying down and throw up and continue eating. Gross? Yes. But probably amazing too, right?? {via Serious Eats}

Anyway, that is all from Dish Gal.


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Elina said...

Ooh, thanks for that EVOO link. I'm running out of mine and I'm definitely adding the 365 organic EVOO to the list. The price is right and the review sounds great! Is that the one you use?