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Tupelo in Inman Square, Cambridge

It's funny that I am writing about Tupelo, a new restaurant in Inman Square, right after I wrote about Clink., because they are such different dining experiences. Dining at Tupelo is almost exactly the opposite of a dining experience at The Liberty: Tupelo is welcoming, cozy, super-reasonably priced, and neighborhood-y. But the two places have one thing in common: awesome food.

Tupelo, named after Elvis's birthplace (they even played some Elvis tunes while we were there), serves Southern comfort food in an unfussy, yet cute dining room. Our waitress brought over sliced bread and pimento cheese spread to start us off- a tart and yummy way to start the meal.
(After everyone had cleared out of the dining room-- I always feel weird taking photos with people in them!)

We ordered a special to share as an appetizer- the fried grits ("So it's healthy, right?" - Dish Dad, to waitress), which were like less crunchy tater tots. I LOVED that our waitress also brought over a bottle of Frank's Red Hot to accompany them. These little pillowy bites were dangerously delicious.For my main meal, I went with the BBQ chicken ($14)- so un-Dish Gal like, I know! But I couldn't resist the description of the Bourbon-BBQ sauce, and the accompaniment of cheddar grits and sweet onions (with an awesome surprise of cornbread, too!). I loved the lime garnish, too.In general, I shy away from foods labeled "comfort food" for fear of that feeling afterwards, like there is a cannonball in your stomach. But I LOVED how Tupelo countered heavier fare (grits) with lighter fare (a tossed salad). It was Southern, but with an elegant- yet not pretentious-twist.

Dish Mom & Dad both got the daube of beef ($15)-- beef braised in red wine with hominy mashed potatoes, slow cooked greens, and Creole horseradish cream. This was luscious, each bite more comforting than the next. And love the meat + horseradish combo.
Finally, I forced the rents to order dessert-- brown butter pecan pie with Toscanini's special Tupelo honey ice cream ($7). But boy were they glad I suggested this! This was AWESOME, so much better than any pecan pie I've ever tasted. You actually tasted the nuts instead of the usual overly sugary and processed taste of other pies. And with the honey ice cream? To die for.(Aaaand now I'm drooling at my computer.)

I must also mention our awesome server, Mona. She rocked! She was so helpful in our choices, was genuine in her recommendations, and even went along with Dish Dad's teasing.

All in all, I highly recommend Tupelo. It's definitely earning a "favorites" tag, and is more than Dish Gal-approved. Get over there before it's impossible to get a table-- and with entrees not exceeding $15, that will be very soon!

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