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Hangover "Cures"

Today, let's talk about an unpleasant area of life: the hangover. But as Dish Gal likes to view the world as half full (of delicious food and drinks), let's focus on the positive and talk about the best food remedies for the day after.

I've taken one for the team and have done lots of research on this subject, as I unfortunately cannot consume more than two drinks and not feel terrible the next day. Here are some of my favorite cures and foods for the next day:

Regular coke. I SWEAR by this. Not diet, not coke zero, REGULAR coke. I'm thinking something with the sugar and the sodium and the caffeine? I dunno, but it works wonders.

Subway. Foot long turkey sub with pretty much everything on it (hot peppers, vinegar, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, s&p). Toasted, of course. (Side note: Has anyone noticed how so many Subways are awkwardly quiet? There's usually no music, and I feel so self-conscious as I rattle off all the things I want in the sandwich. Anyone else?)

A classic, but with less calories. Gotta get those electrolytes! I like grape.

One time I just scooped it right out of the shell and ate it. Don't judge! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Bloody Mary. This is for times when you can go home and go back to bed after consuming. Thus, not recommended for the work day, sadly.

Dunkin Donuts egg-white flatbread. When I'm feeling like calorie-counting.

Dunkin Donuts bagel, egg, cheese, and sausage. When I don't feel like calorie-counting.

Thai "Drunken" noodles. Ah, the irony of the name. I'm torn on this one, because whenever I order this, DURING the meal I'm in heaven, with the noodles and the fiery chili sauce, but afterwards? Usually doesn't sit so well.

Gum. When I was in New York recently, attempting to battle through a raging hangover to go to Forever 21, I realized that a stick of gum weirdly helps somehow. Maybe it's the mint?

Fresh air. (not a food, I know). Anytime I feel particularly death-like, a brisk walk really helps. Not too far though...Because exercise during a hangover? Now that's just crazy talk!

What are your favorites??? (and don't say water. Dish Gal is not a fan of H2o). A friend at work swears by edamame, which seems too healthy for me, but I do see the benefits of the added salt...


Timmy said...

This isn't food-related, but the absolute best cure for a hangover is to just not wake up. You might think that just staying in bed doesn't count as a "cure," as it prevents you from going about your day, but the plain and honest truth is that any hangover "cure" is going to be a shot in the dark anyway. Just sleep through it.

Incidentally, in my past life as a food commentator, I tackled this very subject:

Casey said...

edamame and then 10 mins later - a big saucy eggplant sub ;o) yum

Karen said...

Would you believe...folic acid?

In my former life as a scientist, I was at an epidemiology seminar when someone presented results showing that people who were deficient in folic acid were at increased risk for all sorts of horrors (heart attacks! strokes! cancer!) if they had just 2 drinks a day.

Astute observer that I am, I also noticed some data on their graphs showing that people who had ENOUGH folic acid (just 400 micrograms, or mcg a day) were actually PROTECTED from all those horros, even if they had 4-5 drinks a day.

So being a good little scientist, I decided to experiment and popped a folic acid pill before heading out one night. (You can buy it over the counter at a drugstore, it's just a nutritional supplement). To my surprise - no hangover the next day! Not that I went all that crazy, but I felt darn good despite having had a few drinks (an no, I wasn't driving - we didn't even own a car at that point).

I got a few more friends to try it and they think it helps, too. One note: don't go crazy on the folic acid. One pill is enough.

Dish This! said...

Ummm I wish I had read this before going out tonight!! ;) I'm going out and buying some folic acid tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!!

Any Timmy, I also enjoy staying in bed all day. But sadly on a weekday this is not an option ;)

Christopher said...

motion sickness gum. intended for those who get sick when flying. when i was teaching english with those evil german children, my boss used to always bring two packages of it with her for the week. it would take me from ready to blow to happily teaching past perfect progressive in no time at all.