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I just got back from watching the Top Chef demo outside the Pru! My lord, was it hot outside. Nikki was so cute! Photos to come later...

In the meantime, some links to enjoy...

The United States of Sriracha Lists places all across the U.S. you can enjoy the amazing condiment sriracha (an Asian hot sauce with a cult-like following). For Massachusetts, Myers + Chang's banh mi makes the list. {New York Times}

Massachusetts set to unveil fast-food menu rules, which would require chain restaurants to list calories. {Reuters}

Making Love in the Kitchen. A food blog recommended by pal OmGal, filled with healthy tips and recipes.

8 new rules for ordering wine. The new way to enjoy wine at restaurants during these shaky, economic times. {New York Post}

First Bite: Boston Burger Company. Is it just me, or are burgers EVERYWHERE these days? Is it because summer's coming? Or is it because it's the only thing people can afford? Either way, it's making me hungry. {Boston magazine's blog "Chowder"}

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