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Holiday Food Recap

You know how the morning after an awesome night out, when you still feel a little light-headed, and your friend says, "Ohh do you remember those shots!?" and just the thought of them makes you want to swear off drinking alltogether? So you both then agree you should not talk about last night's beverages until a safe amount of time has passed?

Well, that's how I feel about the holidays. However, I think the food hangover has passed, so I can finally start reminiscing about all the delicious food that I was lucky enough to enjoy.

Here are the amazing pierogies I waxed on and on about in this previous entry. We all agreed these might have been the best ever this year.

The green stuff is sauteed cabbage..yum.

For Christmas dinner, Z and I decided to give Dish Mom a break and took over. Z made his world-famous beef short ribs. They were AMAZING. I can't give away his recipe (mostly because he doesn't follow one...), but you should definitely look into making short ribs. They are especially great for a dinner party-- just pop them in the oven and go about your business. You can't overcook these babies!

Short ribs heading into the oven...

For my part of the meal, I made a Yukon gold and sweet potato gratin with gruyere and fresh herbs. I worked from a recipe from Bon Appetit. You can check it out here. It was awesomely rich, and while you may be tempted to use dried herbs instead of fresh, definitely use fresh-- we all agreed they made the dish. I'll write out the full process sometime. Perhaps for a Valentine's day dinner?

I also made brussel sprouts with pancetta. We couldn't find pancetta, though-- damn suburban grocery stores ;) -- so we used Canadian bacon. I think it might've been a bit better with pancetta, but it was good nonetheless.
Another highlight of the season was the Christmas morning french toast, topped with sweet ricotta cream cheese, and, of course, red and green sprinkles. A Dish Mom specialty.

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Karen said...

Your pierogies look beautiful. I gave up trying to make them - we have too much trouble with sticky dough.