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Bamboo in Dedham

Whenever I go home to the suburbs, my family and I always end up heading to Bamboo, an Asian restaurant in the Holiday Inn near the old Dedham movie theatre. They go there quite often, enough that they even have their favorite waitress they see enough that we all hug when we get there.

So you'd think they'd be the ones dragging me there when I come home-- but it's actually the opposite! I am obsessed with this elegant restaurant. Most of the time, restaurants that offer both Chinese and Japanese food fall short on both, but not Bamboo.

Everything I've had there, from the shumai to the edamame, spicy tuna roll to their famous crispy Beijing duck, has been delicious.

One of my favorite items I've had recently there was a special, recommended by Yandi (our stellar waitress)-- a tuna sashimi roll, wrapped in rice paper with a yummy sauce. Light, refreshing, and fresh.

If you're in the suburbs, you can't go wrong with Bamboo. Great for a sushi fix, with a side of Chinese dumplings ;)

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Jack said...

I've considered going there. Does elegant translate to expensive as it normally does?

Dish This! said...

Actually, not really! Though I have to admit, since I always go here with the parents, I've never looked at the final bill... It's probably on par with less-expensive city restaurants, around $5-6 for a spicy tuna roll. Does that help? =)

Jack said...

Thanks! And keep up the good work.