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How going to the gym is like running a restaurant..

A GREAT article on the Myers + Chang blog today-- very entertaining. Here's an excerpt:

You see all types when you go to the gym. There are those who show up with new work out gear, pump iron furiously for ten minutes, and then disappear after a few weeks when they don’t see results of their workout quickly enough. (Circle in the South End.) There are the buff college students, full of energy, who spend hours at the Y, playing basketball and doing pull-ups and having a blast. (We heart Jamie Bissonette.) I love watching the slow-and-steady older folks who come as a group and walk the treadmill - they arrive at the Y every single day with a smile and work out for a full hour each time. (Franklin South End.) And then there are the preeners- those who seem more interested in looking gorgeous and observing themselves in the mirrors than actually breaking a sweat. (You fill in the blank here….) It’s quite an anthropological show.

I'm totally the old person, walking on the treadmill .. haha ;)

Check it out!

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