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Did you know...

...that the Orinoco in Brookline Village has a liquor license and serves amazing mojitos?? And that in fact there is a whole section of the drink menu devoted to them?? I stuck with the authentico (dark rum, mint), while Sebastian tried one with shaved coconut.

I've written about Orinoco before (actually, twice before), but I cannot recommend this restaurant enough. Last Friday, Dish Mom and Dad, and Sebastian and I headed to the Brookline Village one. This outpost has the same party atmosphere as the South End location, but with a little more room to breathe. Plus, it has an awesome bar. If I lived in this neighborhood, I'd be on one of those bar stools daily.

I insisted we get those bacon-wrapped, almond stuffed dates again (heavenly) and of course sweet plantains, but this time I tried a new entree, the Pabellón Criollo ($13.50)-- shredded beef, white rice, black beans, and sweet plantains. While this sounds pretty basic, getting a forkful of every element on the plate was like foodie nirvana.

Here's a photo of the atun, adobo-rubbed tuna with frisee and radish:


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