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Noir Bar Game Night

Call me a dork, but one of my favorite things ever is hanging out at my apartment with Sebastian, getting ready for a night out with some drinks, playing some fun tunes, and playing my favorite game in the world: Uno. This scenario is funny for a few reasons. One, while Uno definitely can be played by two people, it usually is played by a large group. But for Sebastian and I, two is plenty. Another funny part is that it’s not really a drinking game—we made up kind of half-hearted rules like “Anytime you reverse direction, drink” or "+2 means drink 2 drinks/gulps/whatever". However, somehow it usually ends up making you quite inebriated. The miracle of Uno—it just keeps giving and giving.

This back story was just to show you how utterly excited I was to read about this game night event at the Noir Bar at the Charles Hotel this Sunday. Here’s the listing from Daily Candy:

Noir Game Night
What: Get sauced playing Connect Four, Operation, and Uno.
Why: For a sip of the Beurre Noisette made with brown butter-infused bourbon.
When: Sun., 4 p.m.-2 a.m.
Where: The Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett St., Harvard Square (617-661-8010).

"Get sauced" while playing uno!? Either this is my greatest dream come to life, or my biggest nightmare—they’ve stolen my idea! ;)

In any case, this sounds like so much fun, and Noir is one of my favorite bars. Dark and mysterious with comfy booths perfect for canoodling or living it up with a group of friends, Noir is great for nights when you wanna drink well and feel sexy doing it. If it was closer to my neighborhood, I’d be there all the time.

Maybe I’ll see you there—I’ll be the one screaming UNO!! at the top of my lungs with a dirty martini in hand.

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