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Buenvenidos a Miami !

Dish Gal is headed to Miami next weekend! As in, a week and 3 days...As in, we only booked our trip last night... ha! A little last minute, but upon waking up to this slushy, disgusting day we're having, so needed.
Why am I headed there? Julia and I are headed to Chloe's wedding! We both have never been to Miami, and I am so excited to lie on the beach (crossing my fingers for good weather...), swim in the pool, drink a mojito, and-- of course-- try some great restaurants!!

Before I bothered looking at a map, I had booked a reservation at Michael's Genuine for Saturday night. However, now looking at where our hotel is vs. where this restaurant is (and our lack of rent-a-car), I'm thinking we need another place to eat. We're staying near 17th st on Collins Avenue. . .

Suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!! =)

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