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Tofu Breakfast Scrambles

With my foray into vegan-ism this weekend (and by the fact that I had a lot of leftover tofu from Friday's dinner), I experimented with something I never have before: tofu as a breakfast food. I was not expecting to like it that much, but I was pleasantly surprised-- the tofu was delicious! And my favorite part was the time period after eating it; my stomach felt full without feeling sick, and the protein filled me up much more than a bowl of cereal ever would.
Like eggs, one thing that tofu has going for it is versatility. It can take on any taste, which makes it great when you like a variety of foods. For example, on Saturday I made a breakfast burrito with tofu-- a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with tofu, avocado, tomatoes, and my favorite herb ever, cilantro.

To give the burrito a little flavor and color, I actually added some soy sauce as a I scrambled it in the pan along with some green onions:

I meant to add some hot sauce which would've made it even better! But I forgot... damn.

On Sunday, I stuck with the tofu scramble plans but this time used sun-dried tomatoes and feta to mimic those amazing spinach & feta wraps at Starbucks. Yummm. As I sauteed it all in the pan, the tofu soaked up the yummy oil from the sundried tomatoes and took on all the flavors. Awesome. This was particularly good.

I also mixed in with the tofu two scambled eggs, as I felt bad subjecting Z to an all tofu bonanza breakfast. I'm glad I tried this out though, because the two blended seamlessly, and made for quite a large breakfast but with less fat than if I stuck to only eggs.

Look at me waxing on and on about my love of tofu scrambles... I guess I'm officially a tofu-a-holic!

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