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Lunch @ Thornton's

I've passed by Thornton's many a time, usually on my way to get my nails done near the Huntington entrance to the Pru. It's never really called out to me, what with its awkward Howard Johnson-inspired sunroom and cafeteria-looking inside. But today with an invitation from beloved coworkers, Alec and Sheila, I decided why not? I didn't have an appetite anyway, might as well go for the good company.

But what an unexpectedly yummy lunch! They serve a massive breakfast menu all day long, which makes them a winner in my book already, with reasonable prices and a variety of ingredients. For my lunch today, I got a hybrid breakfast/lunch option:
The Eggs Felix ($7.95)-- two poached eggs with avocado, sliced tomato, and turkey, on an english muffin, with a side of home fries and a slice of melon. I got the hollandaise on the side, as I am scarred by what Anthony Bourdain said about hollandaise in Kitchen Confidential. . .

Sure the service was terrible (we're pretty sure our waiter was drunk) and the ambiance is wanting, but Thornton's is definitely another great example of "don't judge a book by its cover." When you want Trident-style breakfast-all-day with diner prices, look no further.

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