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Top Chef last night

Hi readers,

Did anyone catch Top Chef last night? It wasn't my favorite episode, for a bunch of reasons. First off, the scoring gave me a mini-headache. Maybe because I'm still kind of sick, or maybe it's because I don't really know much about football, but definitely headache-inducing. Also, none of the food seemed that appealing to me. I hope next week's is back to the usual Top Chef I know and love. What did you all think of it?

But the episode did remind me to share a really funny blog for all you Top Chef fans out there: Amuse-Biatch. In the author's words, it's a "gastronomic fiefdom devoted to TV's Top Chef and other matters gustatory." I'll give you a tidbit without even copying and pasting any text: Hehe =)

Many thanks to fellow blogger Julia who shared this with me! And no, it's not usual Dish This! Julia (see cast of characters at right), she's actually named Julia. And I am forced to give this away, as she talks about it on her blog...damn you, Julia! ;)

Anyway, off to Whole Foods to buy some oranges. Mmm Vitamin-C.

Dish Gal

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Om Gal said...

Ugh, I hear you loud & clear. For some reason, this season's cast seems completely unremarkable and the food, a bit ho-hum too. I was terrified that Fabio would get the boot this week, leaving me with no justifiable reason for staying tuned. Even, Stefan, for all his swagger isn't a riveting, entertaining "villan" worth his salt- though, obviously a very talented chef. The show sometimes seems like a silly charade to illustrate that he's not running away with the top prize- hence pitting him on a stage against early cast-off Andrea to make football snacks in honor of the Superbowl. I did dig the Quaker Oats product placement in the Quick-Fire Challenge though- cuz, you know, I like oats;-)