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I am sick.

Last week, I totally jinxed myself, praising the all mighty flu shot as keeping me healthy for so long. Two days later, I woke up with that unignorable, undeniable, scratchyness in my throat. I am officially sick.

When you're a little kid and you're sick, somehow food magically appears in front of you-- a bowl of steaming chicken noodle soup, some toast with jam. This weekend as I lay on my couch, watching around 10 episodes of CSI: NY in a row on my computer, I stared into my kitchen, wondering how I could magically have a bowl of soup microwave itself and plop itself onto my lap. Sigh, where is Dish Mom when you need her? And great timing for Z to head to Philly for the weekend. Grrr.

Dish Gal recommends the following for the home sick-and-alone girl (or guy): pancakes to-go (I got them from Theo's Cozy Corner- YUM!), some tom yum soup from some Thai delivery place, and plain pasta with grated parmesan cheese.

UGH, when will it end?


QuietMan0307 said...

Thank you for trying to help others with your recommendations even when you're ill yourself. This is why DishGal is loved and admired by DishFans everywhere. Get well soon!

Dragon said...

Feel better, hun. :)