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Dearest readers,

I don't know if it's just me, but Fridays I find it a bit hard to concentrate. I don't think I'm alone though, so here are some interesting food-related articles I thought you might enjoy as you are procrastinating the day away...

"Going with the Flow: Melted Cheeses" A guide to oozy, gooey cheeses, and some recipes (

"Lovin' Spoonfuls" Some funny stories from proposals at restaurants gone awry...cautionary tales for upcoming Valentine's Day (

"I love you more than blank" A calorie-free and personalized way to enjoy NECCO candy hearts

"First Bite: Sensing" Boston magazine's blog Chowder visits new restaurant, Sensing (

"Leggo My Padma!" Has my idol, Padma, from Top Chef, found herself a new sugar daddy? (

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