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Happy New Year!

Dear readers,

Ahh, I know.. I disappeared for awhile. Sorry 'bout that!! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season. I for one am secretly kind of happy that they are over. I am looking forward to my normal routine, even though it includes heading back to work. Somehow (and I'm sure I'll regret saying this in the dead of February when there is no vacation in sight) I've definitely OD'ed on all the House marathon-watching, couch-sitting, and hearty meal-eating I've been doing...

My whole hiatus wasn't spent watching Hugh Laurie's genius medical epiphanies, though. There also was dinner at a fab Asian restaurant in the 'burbs, bar hopping in the South End with Dish Brother and Sister-in-law, and a great NYE dinner at Gaslight with my dear Z.

But all that revelry has definitely caught up with me. I've decided to start out 2009 with a 2 week detox, no alcohol cleanse. It is definitely needed! And tomorrow I'll be grocery shopping, loading up on all the fruits and vegetables this little lady can possibly manage to carry. So look out for healthy recipes in the weeks to come. If your holiday was anything like mine, I'm sure they will be welcomed.

2009 certainly holds lots of excitement for Dish This! I got a new chef's knife and cooking toys to play with and report back on (Sebastian got the magic bullet! So funny, I can't wait to try it). Z and I talked about some of the restaurants I want to try (Neptune Oyster and The Butcher Shop are high on our list). And my list of "recipes to try" is getting longer and longer.

So, get ready for more Dish This! Cheers, 2009.

Dish Gal

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