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Thanksgiving at Dish Gal's

This Thanksgiving was deemed by Dish Family as the best one yet. We were blessed with lots and lots of deeeelicious food, and great company.

Here's the menu:
Dish Gal herself made two side dishes: cornbread-chorizo stuffing and twice-baked sweet potatoes. Both turned out FANTASTIC, in different ways. For full recipes, click on each link for the recipe. Here are some photos of the process though...

For the sweet potatoes, after baking them in the oven until softened (about an hour), I hollowed out the flesh of each, leaving these shells of sweet potato:

After mashing up the flesh with yummy things like butter and nutmeg, I piped the sweet potato back into the shells. However, I forgot to close the top of the ziploc bag, making THIS mess all down my front:
It actually looks LESS worse than it was...I think I had an entire sweet potato on me! But finally here's what they looked like before I popped them back into the oven:
Finally, topped those bad boys with some chopped pecans and jumbo marshmallows, and back into the oven they went, just for about 10 minutes this time. Here's the final, sweet and savory product:
The cornbread-chorizo stuffing was the real star though. A little bit spicy from the chorizo, a little bit sweet from dried cherries and apricots, and a little bit nutty from pecans. I went with pre-made cornbread, diced it, and stuck it in the oven with a little olive oil and thyme:
Onions and celery get sauteed...but let's fast-forward to the final product:
Awesome at Thanksgiving, this dish also made a great breakfast/brunch side dish! Dish Mom made some over-easy eggs and heated up the cornbread-chorizo stuffing in the bacon pan. The runny yellow yolk gushing into the cornbread stuffing made for a delicious morning.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, here's Dish Nephew enjoying a cooking tool:

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