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Eastern Standard party this Thursday

Eastern Standard is having a "Roaring 20s" party this Thursday night, filled with food and cocktails themed around their celebration of the 75th anniversary (wow, lots of 75th anniversary talk today!) of the repeal of prohibition! A wonderful cause to celebrate ;)

Guests are encouraged to wear flapper-era dress. Bathtub gin will start the evening, followed by a six-course(!) menu featuring dishes enjoyed in the 1920's, paired with cocktails. Later, enjoy entertainment, dancing, and party favors.

Here's the lowdown: You can pay $120/person for the dinner (menu below) or pay for just the late-night part of the evening, which is $40/person. If you have some extra cash sitting around, burning a hole in your pocket (don't hear much of you these days...), this seems like a fun and not your ordinary night out on the town.

For reservations, email or call 617-532-9100.

First Course: Ampersand Cocktail

Buttermilk Fried Oysters with Standard Caesar Salad and Pernod Remoulade

Second Course: Waldorf-Astoria's Perfect Martini

3 eggs, 3 styles
1) Thin, Toasted Rye Wheel, Smear of Meyer Lemon Cream Cheese, Caviar
2) White Truffle Scrambled (with shaved white truffle)
3) Deviled Egg

Third Course: Maiden's Prayer

Maine Lobster in Pastry with a Sherry Cream Sauce, Peas and Carrots

Fourth Course: The Scofflaw

Philadelphia Pepper Pot Stew
Lamb Neck, Sweetbread, and Cockscomb, Root Vegetables

Fifth Course: The Charles Lindbergh

Roasted Karabuta Pork Chop
Scalloped Potatoes, Housemade Sauerkraut

Dessert: Corpse Reviver #3

Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Cardamom Tapioca

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