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Seiyo review - South End

It was a Wednesday, and I had a wicked craving for sushi. I wanted to just stop by old-favorite Symphony Sushi (I’m addicted), but Z insisted that we try somewhere new. I knew, as Dish Gal, that this was the correct decision.

We decided on Seiyo, a sushi and wine bar in the South End on Washington Street, across the street from Toro. The restaurant has very striking and elegant decor, with dark wood and a zig-zag bar along the window that allows for communal-yet-intimate dining.

I started with a bowl of steaming miso soup ($2.50), which was delicious, but excruciatingly annoying to eat with the teeny-tiny spoon that accompanies it. I usually love slurping up miso soup. By the time I finished this, it was cold and pretty un-appetizing…Speaking of utensils, they also have metal chopsticks. Takes a second to get used to them! But design-wise, they are very cool.

We intended to share the salmon tataki with ponzu sauce ($7.50), but it was a little too rare/fishy-tasting for me. I have a history of ordering something, and then wondering, “Why did I get this? I know I don’t really love rare salmon.” But Z seemed to enjoy it.
For our sushi rolls, I chose much more conservatively, with two of my favorites – spicy tuna maki and caterpillar maki (eel wrapped with avocado). They were both delicious, though the spicy tuna roll was a little sad-looking and lopsided. Sorry for the terrible photo quality..If I wasn’t such a poor/frugal person, I would’ve loved to have tried the Kobe shortrib maki ($16.99) -- seared Kobe short rib wrapped over Jonah crabmeat, jalapeño asparagus, teriyaki chile garlic miso sauce, and shaved bonito. Wowza! That looks awesome.

All in all, Seiyo is definitely a hiddem gem. I think this would be a great date spot if you’re in the mood for sushi and trying to impress without spending a ton of money. It’s reasonably priced, and the atmosphere of the dark wine room is great. However, if it’s a quick weeknight meal to be enjoyed on my couch that I'm planning, I’ll probably stick with old-favorite Symphony Sushi. . .

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