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In a New York minute...

New York City has more than 20,000 restaurants to choose from. (This information came from the highly respected So upon Dish Gal's return from the Big Apple, I'm sure you're excited to hear about where we ate. The Spotted Pig, perhaps? Daniel? Tavern on the Green?

Ummmm, this trip, not so much... Dish Gal ate at the following restaurants during her travels:

Wendy's ($1.26 for a Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe...nice.)
Dunkin' Donuts (an eggwhite flatbread- I never have those!)
Subway (turkey 6-inch sub with lots of pickles)
Whole Foods (my near-daily lunch stop, a friend at worked pointed out that I can never escape this place!)

The Whole Foods we stopped at was in Union Square. It was crazy! The Disney World-esque check-out area had multiple lines and a color-coded system to keep the mobs organized. I made a scrumptious (yet definitely random) salad though at their stellar salad bar, filled with mango & jicama slaw, mint & orange quinoa salad, Thai beef salad, chili-pepper tofu, and a vegan dumpling on top of mixed greens with tomatoes and green peas.

The one non-chain place we visited was a brunch place called Vertigo in Midtown. I was too hungover and sleep-deprived to really even take more than a few bites. So I can't really comment on the huevos rancheros I sampled...But I can say their bloody mary was so hot, it was as if they had dumped a whole bottle of tabasco in it.

We spent most of our energy, time, and money at nightlife spots rather than restaurants (very un-Dish Gal, but extremely fun this particular weekend). On Friday night, we visited La Caverna, an underground bar on the Lower East Side modeled after Roman caves that played fun throwback tunes. Definitely click on that link, because it has great photos of the place.

Later on, we stumbled over to Tenjune, a celebrity hotspot that we manage to never see celebs at... But it was fun nonetheless.

Saturday night was spent at two house parties, both very different. One was at an apartment with a ridiculous view of the Empire State building, the other at a Soho loft that featured Jacques' band (which was fantastic by the way. I am trying to get them to play in Boston, and will definitely share info with readers if that happens).

OH! I just remembered that we did in fact eat at another non-chain restaurant: L'Express. Open 24 hours, this place is like a less-fancy Gaslight, or an uber-fancy diner. I was starved by the time we rolled in at 3 a.m. I thoroughly enjoyed a croque monsieur. Jamie opted for a prosciutto-mozzarella panini (not very French? but who's gonna argue at 3 a.m.!?), and Skylar enjoyed some French onion soup.

All in all, it was a great weekend, though I certainly am EXHAUSTED today! =)

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