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Franklin Cafe review

Dear Reader,

I’m in love. I know what you’re thinking …It’s too soon, there’s only been two dates, how can I say I’m in love so quickly… But when you know, you know, am I right?!

His name is Franklin. He lives on Shawmut Ave. in the South End. And he serves wonderfully delicious, truly comforting foods. And he’s cheap!

Okay, I guess that’s where the metaphor runs out. Cheapness usually isn’t a quality I look for in a man—but I certainly love it at a restaurant. Out with friends last Thursday night, we ended up at the Franklin Café in the South End for drinks. While I sat at the bar, sipping on a nice glass of wine, I couldn't help but notice the fragrant aroma of food coming out of the kitchen. Dish Gal tried to resist, but I had to ask for a menu. And once I saw it, I knew I had to order something.

I fell hard for the Franklin after my first bite of butternut squash and chive spring rolls, dunked into herb crème fraiche:

Photos courtesy of Z's new BlackBerry...

After that, I couldn’t stop thinking of this place. I was like a junkie, waiting for my next fix. I just had to get back. Finally, last night was my chance, as Z and I didn’t feel like cooking and the rainy night just begged for some comfort food. This time, we tucked into one of those cozy front tables by the windows.

Z couldn’t resist getting the spring rolls ($8) again (they’re that good). I decided to start with the warm asparagus salad with shredded endive and sliced pear, and a small “parmesan cheesecake” ($8). It was nutty, refreshing, and the perfect winter salad:

For entrees, Z chose the bacon-wrapped salmon with creamy polenta and charred tomato ($18). I would never dream of putting smoky bacon with delicate salmon—but it worked! And this photo does not do the beautiful presentation any justice. Z felt bad even cutting into it.

I went with the sweet corn ravioli with shredded chicken, pancetta, sage, and parmesan ($17). I adored these plump, gigantic raviolis, stuffed with creamy sweet corn. A perfect bite combined the ravioli with the smoky pancetta. My only negative thought was wondering if the chicken was even needed? I notoriously am not a chicken fan (blech, boring) but even Z agreed that it seemed kind of random. However, pushed aside, this pasta dish was an innovative take on your standard ravioli, and one I’ll remember for a long time.

Though I don’t know when my next date with the Franklin will be, I know I probably won’t be able to play hard-to-get for long…

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