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Alta Strada at MGM Grand Foxwoods

So it happened...I saw Jerry Seinfeld perform! It was literally a dream come true. He was hilarious, and did all new stuff (probably a good thing for the people around me who would've had to listen to me quoting the old stuff).

Afterwards, Z and I wandered through the busy and opulent casino to grab some food at Chef Michael Schlow's Alta Strada. I had wanted to go to Tom Collichio's Craft steak, but it closed at 11 =( However, Alta Strada was fabulous!

The inside was gorgeous, exactly what you'd expect of a casino restaurant: glam, seductive, posh, and slightly over-the-top. We sat at the bar, and decided to go for the "antipasti table" -- you choose which dishes from an extensive list of antipasti to maximize your grazing pleasure.

And pleasureable it was...This whole meal was incredibly decadent and sensual. It helped that I started off with bubbly prosecco; sipping a flute of champagne, you can't help but feel at ease and happy. And the meal continuted in a great direction with thick, doughy,flour-dusted slices of bread, dunked into a pool of olive oil.
The homemade ricotta was heaven: creamy, velvety, and swimming in a pool of olive oil. We smothered it on top of the crunchy crostini that accompanied it.
Our second choice was proscuitto with crostini and fig jam. More of the super-crunchy crostini, this time with a thin layer of tart fig jam. A mountain of delicious proscuitto took over the other half of the plate. I couldn't help but pick up the silky, thin slices with my hands.
Our last choice? The pickled "magic" vegetables-- slippery, spicy, and crunchy- just the way vegetables should always be!

All in all, a fantastic night I'll always remember.


Hallie Fae said...

My boyfriend and I went there the first week it was opened and loved it. We have been fans of the Alta Strada in Waltham and found ourselves at Foxwoods in need of a meal. We had a great experience too, and plan to go back soon!

Greg said...

That food looks great. Remind me very much of the Strada London, I wonder if there's any relation between the two?