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Dish Gal's Foodie Gift Guide

Maybe it's because I love food, but I think edible Christmas presents make for a great gift, especially if you're on a budget. One, because you know it will be enjoyed (rather than a sweater that will get thrown into the back of a closet) and two, it's one of those presents people would usually never buy themselves, but appreciate getting.

With this in mind, and a mere hours until Christmas, here's Dish Gal's Boston guide to last-minute foodie gifts.

For the chocolate lover: ChocoLee Chocolates, a chocolate-lover's heaven. These Best of Boston award-winning chocolates come in delightful and whimsical flavors. And a visit to the store, with uber-nice Lee Napoli, is just as delightful.

For the cook: Make your own flavored olive oils. Buy a cute jar and some EVOO, then put in something like fresh rosemary or hot peppers. Voila!

For the foodie: Check out, your online get-anything-delicious source.

For the early-stages cook: Get them something Dish Gal approved-- my favorite cookbook -- Martha's Everyday Food. Simple recipes, normal ingredients, lots of beautiful photos. Divided into seasons. I love it! Before you wrap it, photocopy the recipe for pasta with three tomato sauce. Trust me, you'll want it.
For those who prefer eating out rather than cooking: Visit, a website that offers gift certificates at restaurants for discounted prices, like a $25 gift certificate to Azure for $10. Pretty sweet stocking stuffer!

If you're REALLY watching your budget: Buy a cute photo album, then print out your favorite recipes and slide them into the pages, for your own "personal favorites" cookbook.


The Missus said...

Everyday Food is a great magazine. I don't have the book, but that's because I have every single issue of the magazine... I started collecting back when I worked at MSLO in 2003.

The recipes are great, and the book is fantastic if you have missed any issues.

Emily said...

Thanks for including Foodzie on your list! We have many incredible producers. I'm personally addicted to the Cherry Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Granola from Michele's Granola. So good!