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Post Holidays Rundown

Quick Holiday Musings:

1) had a GREAT dinner at Gaslight pre-Christmas with my favorite ladies. My favorite part about that restaurant is that you don't have to give up anything for its deliciously low and affordable prices. The ambiance is nice (dim but not too dark lighting, Parisian zinc bar, small intimate tables), the food is decadent yet restrained, and the service is prompt. Of course, only me and my friends could ring up quite the tab at such a restaurant-- we enjoyed appetizers (beet & roquefort salad, cheese "foundue"), entrees (duck confit, salmon, rabbit), a nice bottle of red wine, some very interesting cocktails, and a dessert. We ended the night by going over to Lucky's and dancing away the calories to a great DJ (this same DJ later in the night asked my friend for her number; my friend, however, was not interested. she gave him her brother's phone number (as is her standard fake number) and needless to say her brother called her at 3 in the morning asking who DJ ______ was and why was he calling him... haha pretty funny). Lucky's is one of my favorite bars in Boston- an older crowd with a younger attitude. Massive shots too!

2) also had a great dining experience at Eastern Standard. A friend of mine is a waitress there, and she hooooked us up! She had us try their divine lobster crepes, as well as profiteroles that were to die for. Their cocktails were fresh and inventive, and, as always, the raclette is a MUST (I pretty much scraped the bottom of it).

3) sadly too much fun during New Years eve weekend meant a week of being sick. Most people when they are sick lose their appetites; however, I am not most people. I do lose my appetite for normal food, but comfort food I crave. The night I was the most sick, I left work, bundled up, and stumbled across the street to comfort food paradise: Boston Market. I can't lie-- their mashed potatoes will always have a special place in my heart!! Don't hate if you've never tried them... they are phenomenol.

Well that's my highlights of a foodies' holiday season =)


Dish Gal

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