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Boston Wine Festival

So last Friday night I had the opportunity to attend the opening preview of the Boston Wine Festival, the nation's longest running food and wine pairing festival. It was held, as always, in the Boston Harbor Hotel, in its Wharf Room. The room has this amazing view of Boston Harbor; I always get so distracted though being able to see Logan. I find myself gazing out the window, mesmerized by the planes taking off.

Anyway, I digress. The room was filled with long, winding tables covered with massive spreads of food: parmesan gnocchi, pate, lobster, swordfish, tenderloin, duck, chicken curry, shrimp -- enough to make even the most jaded foodie's eyes open a little wider in disbelief. The middle table had empty wine glasses meant to take and wander around to try various wines. On either side of the room were tables with red and white wines being poured by various wine connoisseurs (I assume, at least).

I'd have to say though, with that vast spread, that the food wasn't that amazing... The gnocci tasted a little mass-produced (which granted, it was, but still...) and the chicken curry seemd vaguely out of place. However, some of the passed hors d'oevures were exquisite- one that was beef short ribs wrapped in a warm crepe were knee-buckling, eyes-rolling-back-in-pleasure good. There also was some duck puff thing of some sort that was good (the reason I don't really know the names was that some of the staff didn't even really explain! I hate that. They were like, "duck." Um, okay, thanks for the description...)

I didn't get a chance to even try some wine because of the large crowd (the event was sold-out, approaching 500). The crowd was definitely on the older side, and I felt like if I moved too quickly, I might possibly knock over some 90 year old woman in a Chanel suit. But I did sample a very lovely Cabernet.

The moral of this story? Must get more acquainted with fine wines. . . Perhaps from the cute guy who works at Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square as the wine tasting guy? ;)


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