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Daily Grill to Open on Huntington Ave

Haru won't be the only newbie at the Pru soon. Last night, as I was walking home from work, I walked by a large "coming soon" sign for "The Daily Grill." There were huge, unappetizing photos of steak and potatoes. I'm not very excited; it seems from my researching that its another by-the-books corporate chain restaurant. Dish This! is all about the magic of restaurants, but pictures like this make me want to order take out.

Next to Cheesecake Factory on low-foot traffic Huntington Ave, I fear this restaurant might not fare well. However, perhaps tourists dismounting from duck boats at nearby Shaw's might be swayed by its American appeal and moderate prices.

As for me, I'm not holding my breath for its arrival.

Now, Shino Express's "coming soon" sign in Davis (that has been there for so long, teasing me as I walk by)-- THAT I await with bated breath..

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