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Is is the weekend yet?

Dish Gal's picks for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: Sure, the sun is out today, but we aren't fooled: It is cold. Very cold. If you are looking to turn up the heat without paying even more for utilities, head over to the Grand Florida Festival at Magnolia's in Cambridge tonight for some spicy Southern cuisine. Find out more from .

Thursday: Time is running out for the chance to try OM's $33/person three-course dinner celebrating OM's anniversary. This deal is offered only Sunday- Thursday. I have yet to try OM (it is top on my list of "to try" restaurants), but I've heard great things.

Friday: TGIF! While Dish Gal will be heading south for the weekend (don't get jealous yet; I'm greyhound bussing it down to NYC), Boston will have plenty of culinary options while I'm gone. If free Alsace-style pizza at Brasserie Joe doesn't tempt you, why not check out a local, non-chain restaurant in your 'hood? The Phoenix and MC Slim JB provide you a guide.

Saturday: Okay, so your New Years resolution of laying off the sweets may need to go on a short hiatus for this: every Saturday through April 12, Old Town Trolley is running a Boston Chocolate Tour! Making stops at the Omni Parker House (probably for its Boston Cream Pie that it supposedly invented?), The Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri (self-explanatory), and Top of the Hub (huh? I guess it's for the views), this tour will cost you $75, but is a nice alternative to sitting on the couch watching American's Next Top Model with leftover Lindt Truffles from Christmas . (via Boston Chefs)

Sunday: Boston restaurants certainly are making the push for this Sunday supper thing: Sel de la Terre, The Met Club, KO Prime, and Rialto (to name a few) all offer Sunday specials. My parents just visited Rocca and raved about it, so I'll officially recommend theirs: this weekly changing 2 course menu is just $22 per person!

Hope you have a delicious weekend!

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