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My first oysters! Plus, a trip to Salem, MA

This past Saturday was possibly the best all around food day I've had in a while. The sunny, beautiful fall day started off at North Street Grille in the North End. I always love North Street Grille, but I especially love it when I don't have to wait for a table. PLUS they brought out complimentary banana bread to start us off. Great beginning to the day.

Skylar and I shared two breakfast entrees-- she got an omelette with boursin cheese, avocado, and tomato. I got the coffee roll french toast-- which was basically two huge cinnamon rolls dusted with powdered sugar with syrup on the side. Clearly no complaints there!!
After we stepped outside and basked in the sunshine, we decided we needed to get out of the city and enjoy the fresh air. So we spontaneously road tripped (isn't that the best kind?) to Salem, MA. After walking around for a bit, we ended up at -- big surprise-- another restaurant. Capt's Waterfront Grille was pretty quiet, so we got a seat outside. Jacques and Mick (new character alert! Mick is Jacques' roommate, and Mick comes from the fact that he adeptly DJed most of our car ride with the Rolling Stones) ordered some awesomely colorful cocktails-- the "full rig" amount (you could get smaller versions at "half mast," too, but what manly man would order a drink at half mast, I ask you?)
Skylar and I opted for some wine and beer.

But the BEST part about it was that I got to try my first oysters!!! I have been waiting a long time to do this-- I wanted my first time to be perfect-- and I felt that it was: I was with oyster lovers (and experts) next to the ocean, on a beautiful day. Sounded good to me.And the verdict?

I liked them!! I can't wait to try them again. Now I am really dying to go to Neptune Oyster.

We also got fried clams and fried calamari. Overall, great, great day.

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timmy said...

Several important points:

1) I hope to become a Dish This! character someday. I won't ask how.

2) As a rational, logical human who has an inherent trust for what's empirically observable in the world around me, I was, for most of my life, EXTREMELY resistant to the idea of eating oysters. My folks loved them, but I couldn't get on board. Then I went to my buddy's house on the Cape last summer, and oysters were on the menu. I was a guest in his house, so I couldn't really refuse. So I slapped some horseradish on one of the booger-like bastards, and down the hatch. It was awesome, and now I can't get enough. Part of the allure, I'm certain, is the tough-guy aspect. Look at me, I'm eating raw ocean snots. It's the same reason I took to eating sunny side up eggs.

3) I've tried to eat at Neptune on at least like, a dozen occasions. The wait time gets to be astronomical. I'm convinced the key is to go on like, a Tuesday night in January. But then, are the oysters in season? Is there an oyster season? We need to find this out!

Dish This! said...

1) Anyone who Dish Gal dines with becomes a Dish This! character!

2) haha love your "tough guy" aspect of the oyster eating. Oysters have so many dimensions, which is why I'm excited to start my journey with them.

3) Yes, I've heard this about Neptune. And witnessed it first hand walking home down Salem Street every day of the week. I think you are correct on the Tuesday in January thing. I've also heard good things about lunch there? But I also have some ideas on how to avoid the line...will share later. And I have no idea if there is an oyster season?