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Lunch at The Other Side Cafe

Last week was a great week because I had not only my brother and nephew visiting, but also my dear Ann from Cali!! To maximize our precious time together, Ann came in to the city to meet me for lunch. She left restaurant selection up to me, but if I knew my Ann, I had a feeling she would be in the mood for breakfast (despite it being after 1). So I decided to take another chance on the Other Side Cafe at the bottom (or top?) of Newbury Street.

My first visit was a few weeks ago with OmGal and friends (including Alec, Ruth, and Meadow) for lunch on a rainy day when we all sat inside. The dirty sheet hanging above our head that covered the skylight was probably one of the most unappetizing sights I've seen at a restaurant, but my veggie chili and California wrap, along with all the vegan and veggie options on the menu, swayed me to try it again.

This time, sitting alfresco made the experience much more appealing. True to form, Ann ordered from the breakfast part of the menu-- the waffle egg sandwich:
I opted for the Tex-Mex scramble, vegan-- tofu scrambled with salsa, chipotle, jalapenos, and vegan cheese, with tortillas, guacamole, and vegan black beans. What a hearty meal! While the beans didn't sit all that well, I still felt sort of virtuous for having tofu ;)
Bottom line: Go here when it's nice out, or beware the dirty inside of the restaurant possibly ruining some yummy lunch (or late breakfast) food.

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timmy said...

Dirty inside of the restaurant? Scoff! Quit being so suburban, Dish Gal!

I used to do a lot of writing at the Other Side, as a means of cultivating this sort of alt, not-quite-hipster, writerly persona. The turkey club sandwich is very good.

And something that went unsaid in this post is the beer selection. It's not Sunset (but what is?), but it's very thorough, and very thoughtful. I was able to get a bottle of the St. Georgenbrau Keller Bier, which, believe you me, is a tough-to-find little item.

Dish This! said...

GREAT point about the beer selection, Timmy.

And I'm definitely not a neat-freak (far from it) but that curtain was really, really gross ;)

What's their wi-fi situation? I could see it being a fun place to write.

Miles said...


I'm with Timmy on this one.

I scoff at your financial district upscale eating, pricey north end bakery snack munching, hidden Cambridge chic lounge drink sipping ways!

The underbelly of hipster haven's provides a lot, which you clearly know based on your desire to eat at Other Side despite it's outward appearance.

PS: I know this sounded angry but I have nothing but love, just defending my friends is all <3

Jen said...

Hold the phone, have either of you ever sat upstairs and looked up while dining at the Other Side? If that curtain ever were to fall down the patrons of the restaurant would be covered in bugs and who knows what else. I like the Other Side as much as the next person but that curtain is definitely disgusting.