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Dinner at Stephi's on Tremont

Here's my SAT-style analogy to sum up my thoughts on Stephi's on Tremont (sorry if this brings back stressful memories for anyone!)

Stephi's: young professionals (yuppies?)::
Cheesecake Factory: teenagers/college students

My reasoning: It's a nice place to gather. It won't offend anyone, and the menu has something for everyone. It's priced as a moderate-luxury. It has a nice, pleasing, yet non-descript atmosphere. It has nice-tasting comfort food. It feels trendy (even if it's not really all that exciting). It has large portions.


In the meantime, let's recap what we ate. I met Lynn, my bestest, childhood friend that I ate at Panza with, at Stephi's on Tremont on a muggy day last week. Earlier in the day, I had tweeted (I hate using that word) that I was headed there and got a recommendation from amazing foodie blogger MCSlimJB and amazing, non-foodie blogger The Missus. Luckily, Lynn was game for trying BOTH of their suggestions, so I didn't have to choose just one!

Before we dove into our recommended entrees, we started with the baked warm Vermont goat cheese with roasted garlic and kalamata olives, with crunchy French bread ($12).

(Sorry for the terrible photo-- bad lighting for iPhone camera pics...) This was a pleasant surprise for me. While I had expected a wedge of goat cheese and some bread, this mini-skillet reminded me of one of my favorite, now non-existent, appetizers at Eastern Standard-- the baked raclette! Instead of the little cornichons floating in the bubbly cheese, Stephi's version had kalamata olives (nice addition of tartness) and huge chunks of roasted garlic.

Next up: the MCSlimJB rec-- the Newbury Street Chunky Chicken Salad ($14). Our waiter nicely split this on two plates, so this photo is actually a half portion.

My favorite part of this was the soda bread. I wasn't CRAZY about the chicken salad on its own, but thank God for slices of luscious August tomatoes and that super tasty soda bread. A bite with all four elements-- bread, tomato, chicken, salad-- made for quite a nice summer dish.

We also tried The Missus's recommendation, the pan roasted New England cod over sweet corn and bacon chowder with herb roasted potatoes, topped with crispy onion strings ($24).
This was soooo rich and sooo Stephanie's. Comfort food to the max. Undo your first button on your pants, lean back and sigh, food. How can you go wrong with bacon and corn chowder with potatoes though? I barely remember this being a fish dish, ha.

All in all, I enjoyed Stephi's. Would I run around telling everyone they MUST go there, like I did with Hungry Mother and Mike & Patty's? No. But if someone was looking for a safe choice in the South End with a chic scene? I'd certainly think to send them there.

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Elina said...

The dishes sound delicious... I definitely want to go there... and of course Hungry Mother and Make & Patty's :D