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Battle of the Seaside Restaurants

I spend a fair amount of time in Hull, not because it's all that great of a town (or that Nan-trash-ket is all that great of a beach) but because my dear friend Jamie's family has a beautiful place right on the beach there. What can I say, I'm a sucker for an ocean view.

So it came about that within a month I tried two different restaurants there-- The Red Parrot and Barefoot Bob's-- seemingly the exact same restaurant. Both are right on the beach, both offer alfresco dining, and both offer a multitude of fried seafood options and unremarkable beers. Which begs the question: Which one deserves your hard-earned dollars?

In the interest of fairness (and because it's my favorite summertime treat), I ordered the same thing at both places-- a fried fish sandwich with french fries.

First up, atmosphere. The Red Parrot offers its outdoor dining at an elevated level, on a second floor deck. This allows for wonderful views of the ocean.At Barefoot Bob's, if you don't get one of the front tables (we didn't), your view is of whoever it sitting at the bar. Heat radiates off the pavement.

Atmosphere winner: The Red Parrot

Next up, the service. Both places had jovial, summer job-type waiters, who joked around and brought things out in a timely manner. Of course you could tell they didn't give a crap, and you could see them gossiping in the corner in between dropping off food, but that's sort of expected in a seaside, summer town, right?

Service winner: Tie.

Finally, the food itself. Here's The Red Parrot's:

And Barefoot Bob's:

Both offered generous portions of fish (could barely fit on the bun), but the awesomely addictive French fries at The Red Parrot blew away the dull, listless fries at Barefoot Bob's.

And so we have a clear winner: The Red Parrot officially has Dish Gal's fried fish sandwich of choice. And, even more importantly, Dish Nephew's, too!

Fine dining, it is certainly not, but when you're hankering for some fried food and sunshine, it's worth checking out.

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timmy said...

Nan-trash-ket. Awesome.

Richard Howes said...

How much did you get paid to write that Review. I've eaten at both places and they are polar opposites. Barefoot Bob's wins by the miles of filth that covers the Red Parrot's kitchen.