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Taste of Cambridge = Time of my Life

The day after the Taste of Cambridge, I woke up in a haze. Did I dream that amazing night? Was I the only one who had a ridiculous amount of fun? But fellow partygoers, including Alec, Michelle, and Ruth (new character alert! Ruth is a co-worker who enjoys her daily Starbucks fix and loves to read--she chose her name from John Irving's A Widow for One Year), agreed: We all had the time of our lives.

And these people I went with? They aren't the easiest to please. They aren't swayed by free food and free drinks alone. But they agreed- there was definitely an indescribable, amazing feeling that night at the Taste of Cambridge. Let's investigate why.

First off, amazing food. I mean I guess that was a given, but it really was overwhelming the sheer volume of delectable options.
I think this was my favorite savory dish-- pulled duck sandwiches with slaw from Hungry Mother. I still haven't been to this widely-acclaimed restaurant, but after absolutely loving all their food at tasting events, I'm getting really antsy to get over there.

My favorite dessert? From Craigie on Main. When I saw it, I thought wow that looks lame-- a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker? Then I took a bite- holy @#(@&#* that stuff was good! Too bad I didn't actually look and see what they were...This summer gazpacho from Small Plates? Not the best ever, but was so pretty I had to take a photo:
Second element of the "time of my life" event that worked in its favor: the weather actually played nice. For the first time in weeks, the sun peeked out, allowing for the outdoor revelry to take place.
Finally, the DANCING. A sad note just as the event was starting-- the announcement of Michael Jackson's death-- could've put a damper on the evening. Instead, it heightened it. The DJ started playing some MJ tracks, and the rest is history-- a huge dance party spontaneously broke out.Yes, that's a security guard busting a move...

A video even surfaced with Dish Gal's dancing in it (in the background, but still embarassing). Let's just say, thank God this blog is anonymous so I don't embarass myself by showing that!!!

All in all, an amazing night. Many kudos to the event planners on a job well done.

Now I'm going to go play some more MJ to get "I've had the time of my life" Dirty Dancing song out of my head... ;)


Anonymous said...

Ruth here. I can verify that I did in fact have the time of my life. Everybody should attend next year.

Elina said...

Looks like a fabulous time! Do they have these every year? I need to do stuff like that more often... it's such a great way to taste best offerings from great restaurants in 1 evening.

Dish This! said...

Yes! I believe they do them every year. They are so yummy, I definitely recommend it.