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Big Mac: Inside the McDonald's Empire

I’ve been fascinated with McDonald’s for awhile now. I guess it started back in 2006 when I was studying in London; something about seeing this ultra-American brand abroad, in some quite random places (across from the Pantheon!?), sparked my interest. How does such a brand become so large, so successful, so powerful? I loved its little marketing changes from place to place, discernible sometimes only by the savviest consumer (i.e. Ann and I, equally obsessed with their Cadbury McFlurries in England).

As someone working in the field of marketing, and a student of communications for many years, from an academic and business standpoint I’m fascinated with their brand management, the way it’s evolved over the years and across different markets. Do I morally agree with them entering developing countries? No. Do I support their role in fattening up America? No. But am I fascinated with how a company can last 50 some years and expand worldwide, only starting as a burger shack with 15 cent hamburgers? Yes. Plus, I reeeeally love the filet o’ fish ;) Shhhh, don't tell my fellow foodies out there!!! It's one of my favorite Route 95, road trip stop offs.

In any case, you can imagine my excitement last night when I saw CNBC was airing a 1-hour documentary called, “Big Mac: Inside the McDonald’s Empire.” Sure, as a marketing person I enjoyed the interviews about their business model, and the segment on bringing the brand to Asia. But as a FOODIE, I really enjoyed this segment on their test kitchen!! In this clip, McDonald's head Chef Dan Coudreaut, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and former Four Seasons hotel chef, takes CNBC on a tour around the kitchen and gives a glimpse into the immense amount of research and testing each menu item goes through.

Check it out!!

Who knew so much went into their designing those new menu items?

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