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TGIF answers those "Can I still eat this?" questions that I always have. Apparently I've already risked it by eating pizza that was left out overnight. But what college student hasn't eaten pizza that was left out overnight though!? I mean, let's be serious.

It may be cheap, but it's still tasty Ideas for buying cheaper cuts of meat and maximizing them. This food trend is everywhere right now. I avoid the whole thing by only buying tofu. {via The New York Times}

Great books for foodies. I always tend to pick books that have to do with food. Shocking, I know.

This photo makes me excited for fresh produce. {via A Cup of Jo}

Michael Schlow wants to get you laid. Boston chef Michael Schlow gives his dating advice, in terms of food, of course. Kind of humorous, but his pointers are actually pretty accurate. A must-read for the men out there. {via MenuPages}

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