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I <3 Avocado

Avocados have a season? How did I not realize that about my favorite fruit (and possibly favorite food)?

Here's some info, via Serious Eats, about the glorious avocado:

I plan on trying every recipe.
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Brahmin in Boston said...

Kick me... coz I have never had an avocado. I know! Creepy girl right?

BTW you have been awarded on my blog!

Timmy said...

Avocado just barely beats out eggplant in a knock-down, drag-out, bare-knuckles, back-alley street brawl to determine which is the more loathsome, disgusting vegetable. Sorry to rain on your parade, Dish Gal, but avocado stinks!

Karen said...

I was chatting with the (for lack of a better word)barista in a bubble tea bar, and she told me that avocados are considered dessert food in some countries. So I went for it and tried an avocado shake. It was better than it sounds :-)

My friend Jen posted a recipe for avocado shakes on her blog:

Christopher said...

avocados are a love em or hate em kind of food, don't you think. my grandmother once told me i was turning in to "one of those rich people" when i told her i liked avocado on salads. apparently her distaste went far beyond just flavor.

i was just at the grocery store the other day and they were selling avocados for 29 Euro cents - needless to say, i went on a little buying spree and spent the next three days trying to find a way to incorporate them into every meal i made.

Justine said...

I'm a fan of their sweet creamy goodness and am glad avocado season is here!