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Hot Dish of the Week (from three weeks ago...)

Hi all!!! It's been SO long since I've written. I am back from Cali, but sadly still without my camera cord =( However, I sucked it up and put all my photos on a CD, all in the name of blogging. Get ready for LOTS of blog posts coming up...

Let's start with a long-belated "hot dish of the week": b.good's heavenly sweet potato fries. They are my favorite in Boston-- thick, slightly burnt, and rich in sweet potato taste, not grease.
Of course, I have to mention their amazing burgers, too. You choose the style, and then select if you want beef, turkey, or a veggie burger. I like the "Cousin Oliver" (lettuce, tomato, pickles) with a turkey burger and some low-fat cheddar. YUM!

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