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Hi readers! TGIF! Dish Gal is headed out for some shenanigans in the South End tonight, and then going to see Skylar's boyfriend, aka Jacques, perform in his band tomorrow night. Then Sunday I'm off to Cali!!!

Here are some things to read up on while I'm gone:

The Return of Sugar? This New York Times article points out the increased demand for regular old sugar, now that high-fructose corn syrup has gotten such a bad rap.

Cafe 47 opens in Back Bay It's heartening to hear of new restaurants during these dismal times... {via MenuPages}

Stephi's on Tremont Boston magazine's blog Chowder weighs in on Stephi's on Tremont. Looks like Dish Gal will be stopping by soon!

50 of the world's best food blogs Somehow they skipped Dish Gal? Hmm, I'll forgive them just this once ;) In the meantime, definitely check out some of these stellar sites. A great "time suck."
{via Times UK}

Chocolate beer!? That's either the greatest thing ever invented, or the grossest. {via Boston Globe's blog, Dishing}

One non-food related item: Boston- The Hack Tales from a new Boston cabbie. Horrifying and interesting. Here's an excerpt: "Things that people would never othewise do in public they'll do in the back of a cab, assuming a level of privacy that is extraordinary considering they're still on public streets and a stranger is sitting less than two feet away..."

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