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A Very Whisky Saturday

In the summer, you can get pretty creative with drinks. For Sebastian's birthday last year we made mojitos with mint, freshly squeezed lime juice, and rum I brought back from Puerto Rico. Margaritas, even with store-bought mix, make drinking around the house seem so festive. Even a corona with the addition of a fresh piece of lime seems celebratory, in a way.

But when winter rolls around, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. When I'm cold, I reach for one thing-- red wine. But generally one or two glasses makes me wanna go to bed, not go out and party. So this past weekend, Sebastian and I decided to shake things up and throw a whisky party, courtesy of one great bottle of Canadian Club 12 year whisky.

The first thing I liked about this whisky was the reaction I got from guys about it. Usually when I invite guys to come over for cocktails, they 1) make fun of me for saying "come over for cocktails" and 2) tease me for drinking girlie drinks. This time? Everyone was so impressed! Apparently, guys love whisky. Score 1 for me.

My friend Jamie was also impressed by my whisky drinking, because upon hearing about our party, she spontaneously decided to come up from NYC for the weekend! Score 400 for me! Sooo much fun. She came over early and helped me create my homemade sour mix I made for the whisky. One word of advice about this-- we should probably have made it BEFORE we got dressed. By the end of it, we were COVERED in lime and lemon juice. I wonder if anyone noticed during the night? Hmm....

In any case, we totally winged it, but the mix turned out great!
Dish Gal and Jamie's Sour Mix recipe:

3 cups hot water
1 cup sugar
juice of 3 lemons
juice of 3 limes

We made our whisky sour drinks with 1.5 ounces whisky, and about 1 cup of the mix.

Our friend, let's call him Charles, used to bartend, and came up with this yummy drink that was a hit as well:

Charles' Drink
1.5 ounces Canadian Club whisky
1 cup Diet Ginger Ale
splash of sour mix

A friend enjoys the whisky...

Some of the boys enjoyed the whisky straight, noting how smooth it was. Julia Scribner (let's call her J.Scrib from now on as to not confuse her with Dish Gal's "Julia") brought over some lemonade, which also tasted nice with it.

All in all, a great Saturday, and a great way to shake things up on a cold winter night.


julia said...

J. Scrib- LOVE IT! haha. thank you for such a fun night, and i'm keeping these recipes, because they were awesome.

thompsty said...

I've been waiting for a good whisky post! awesome!

Karen said...

We love whiskey (and whiskey)! must try this out. Here's another awesome winter drink for you:

We make them a little less sweet than the orginial recipe calls for - use about 2/3 of the syrup, and twice as much Poire William, for an entire batch. Don't let it fool you - this is NOT a froufrou martini, it will knock you on your tuckus if you're not careful.