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Hot Dish of the Week

It is freezing out. And we got MORE snow. And I officially hate hate hate this weather.

So for this week's hot dish of the week, I wanted something literally HOT. So this week's Hot Dish of the week is (drum roll, please): LA Burdick's decadent hot chocolate.
Incredibly rich and devilishly sinful, this is nowhere near your average hot cocoa from a packet. It is so beyond that. With a slice of chocolate lemon cake, and a spot at one of their cozy tables, as you sip its warm goodness, you almost can feel your hatred of winter slipping away... We sampled the dark chocolate, their most popular flavor, but it also comes in white chocolate and milk chocolate. PS Some words of advice and caution: I could only have a few sips of this, so I recommend either ordering the "demi" size or sharing with someone! =)

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