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A Guide to Valentine's Day in Boston

If you decide to brave the crowds and head out for Valentine’s Day, here’s some help for making an informed decision on where to take your loved one, based on what you usually would be doing on a Saturday night. . .

“We love spending Saturday night at Mistral, Hamersley’s, or Icarus.”
You’re clearly a foodie, and a fan of high-end, white tablecloth, restaurants. For Valentine’s Day, switch it up and venture out of your South End bubble over the river to T.W. Food. Check out sample menus here. . And if going to Cambridge sounds like going to Iceland, try Sorellina, just over the Back Bay/South End border.

T.W. Food

“We usually eat Chipotle, then meet up with friends in Faneuil Hall.”
For V.Day, kick it up a notch without breaking the bank or trying too hard and sitting in a stuffy restaurant. Choose a restaurant that has unpretentious but delicious food, in a nice atmosphere. I’d suggest a place like Figs in Beacon Hill for Italian, or Casa Romero off of Newbury Street for Mexican.


“We usually eat at a noodle place in Chinatown, and then catch a movie.”
Fans of ethnic food? Try a different part of the world than you’re used to. Head to Tangerino in Charlestown for a taste of sexy, Moroccan food. Or to a Spanish tapas place like Dali in Somerville, Tapeo on Newbury Street, or Tasca in Allston.


“I’m single, so I’m usually out on the town with my friends.”
Check out the Valentine’s Day Eve party on Friday, February 13 at Upstairs on the Square. A ticket gets you some food, and drinks are in the “single” digits. Admission for singles is $13. For couples, $14,000 . And for the day of? Enjoy being able to get a table for 6 EASILY at restaurants =)

“We usually order some delivery and watch a video.”
It’s probably smart to stay in this Saturday, as well. Seems like you might not be the biggest fans of cooking, so let others do most of the work for you. Buy some homemade pasta and sauce from Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Square and whip it up at home. In the North End, stop by Monica’s for some fresh cheese, Bova’s for some homemade bread, and Salumeria Italiana for their unbelievable aged balsamic, and make a simple yet delicious picnic.

Or, if you want to attempt some cooking, try this fun "Romantic Menu Planner Quiz" at to help you decide what to make.

Whatever you do, remember it's just a silly holiday! Relax and have fun.

Dish Gal xoxo


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You have all the bases covered. :) Great post.

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I heart Dali, thanks for reminding me