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Food Memories

Dear Readers,

For some reason, today Dish Gal is feeling very sentimental. It might have to do with the fact that this morning I stumbled upon my blog I wrote when I was studying in London, and just spent an hour looking through old pictures, re-living great experiences and, of course, fantastic meals.

People sometimes ask me when I “got into” food. It’s hard to pinpoint, as I can’t remember a time I wasn’t. Growing up, specific foods stick out in my mind. I of course remember Christmas morning French toast with red and green sprinkles. I remember my first stolen sips of coffee from my mom’s to-go mug on the way to middle school. My first memories of fine dining at Rossi’s in Millis—that succulent filet mignon and those creamy mashed potatoes that quickly became my favorite meal. The sweet potatoes on Halloween that my mom tricked me into trying by telling me they were regular potatoes with orange food coloring. Kielbasa and sauerkraut on Easter. My friend’s mom’s spaghetti with meat sauce. Doing homework at my little desk with my little boombox and smelling dinner cooking downstairs.

There were hints I’d become infatuated with food all along the way—like the family journals we’d keep on vacations, filled with my detailed accounts of every morsel of food we consumed.

One of the first times I felt the need to really spread the word about a restaurant, like I do on this blog, happened when I was in Barcelona, with Sebastian actually. A friend of his, Penelope, suggested we try a restaurant called Tenorio—a restaurant I’ll never forget my whole life. The universe just seemed in synch when we went there. You know that type of dining experience?

Here’s what I wrote then on my blog about it:
It was like mediterranean/fusion food...we didn't go until like 11:30 pm, but it was packed! In Barcelona, everyone eats lunch really late and dinner really takes a bit getting used to. But the restaurant was out of control....really, this was one of those restaurant experiences I will always remember. And it was all so cheap! We got a bottle of this amazing spanish chardonnay for like 8 euros (9 or 10 dollars). We also got this Catalunyan (Barcelonian) speciality/tradition, which is called "pa amb tomaquet" which is a slice of bread (type of bread varies, we had a sort of hard white bread) which has been rubbed with the pulp of a fresh tomato and drizzled w/olive is amazing. From my guidebook knowledge, apparently this tradition started when food was scarce and they had to eat stale bread, so they made it taste better with the juice from the tomatoes. In any case, it was delicious.
[Sebastian] got another Catalunyan speciality, fresh cod risotto. I got this tuna dish with creamy brie cheese and baked plum tomatoes.....oh my god, it was amazing. For dessert we got crepe suzette (which made me think of when my mom and I made it for my montessori class during my project on France haha). Here's a picture of the restaurant, after it had kinda cleared out of people (service in Barcelona was slow to put it kindly):

A little food blogger in the making!
Sigh. . . Memories.

Readers, I’d love to hear about your food memories!!

Dish Gal


thompsty said...

fondest food memory:

Blizzard in Boston, 2005,no food in the supermarkets. Roomies and I resorted to eating both pretzel/manwich/cheese sandwiches and beef jerky wraps.

ok maybe it was just me. But desperate times call for desperate measures

Dish This! said...

Great memory, Thompsty!! I also would love to throw a shout out to anything from Hoy Hing...