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An Ode to Gaslight

I just realized something strange: I've never written a review of one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, Gaslight. I've mentioned it here and there, but never officially wrote about how much I love it there. Sure, it's not the best cuisine in Boston, and if some major foodie with an expense account with no limit came to visit, I wouldn't necessarily send them there, but for Dish Gal, it's tops for several reasons. . .

I love that the food is reasonably priced, and that I don't feel guilty (cost-wise) ordering an appetizer AND an entrée.

I love that the portions aren't massive, so that I don't leave feeling disgustingly full.

I love the atmosphere, the loud clanging of silverware, boisterous conversations, and all around revelry bouncing around in the beautiful dining room. I actually even love waiting for a table there, as the bar is beautiful and a great place to sit and have a martini.
And yes, the décor is a total Balthazar/Pastis rip off, but those places are awesome for a reason, no!? The tiled walls, the dim lighting, the small tables-it works for a date (gone with Z several times), is fun for a night out with the girls, and even is a good spot for taking out hip and chic parents (been there twice with Dish Mom-once for dinner, and once for brunch).

And how could I forget mentioning brunch? Beyond their delicious dinner selections (I'll get to those), Gaslight also has a great brunch. Dish Mom ordered a delicate omelette with fresh herbs and goat cheese, well I enjoyed the heavenly vanilla French toast stuffed with sweet fromage blanc and maple syrup (drooling yet?).

Some of my favorites from the dinner menu? I am obsessed with the duck confit (only $17.50!) with an orange gastrique, citrus chard salade and roasted garlic potatoes. I could have it once a week, I never get sick of it. Here it is from our recent New Year's eve dinner there (I thought it was fitting to finish off the year at one of my favorite spots).
I also love the bar steak with a mustard cream sauce, caramelized shallots, and frites. When I eat steak, I know this is heresy but I usually like a sauce with it (I could DRINK A-1 sauce by itself I love it so much). And let me tell you, I love Love LOVE this sauce. And the tender steak and salty, McDonalds-style fries? Amazing.

Being a raclette lover, I obviously am a huge fan of starting with the fondue piemontaise with saucisson and croutons. But I also love their salads-a beet salad with Dijon and crème fraiche, as well as the signature salad with haricot verts and bacon lardons.
For New Year's eve, we tried the steak tartare, which was good but didn't beat out the one I had at Bouchee which was exquisite and possibly my favorite in Boston.
In any case, if you haven't tried Gaslight yet, know that it is definitely Dish Gal approved and get your butt down there. =)

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QuietMan0307 said...

Yes, you're absolutely right -- it's a great place. And a waiter there sounds just like the actor who played "Joseph" in the manger scene in "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Dragon said...

I think I'd order up a plate of those green beans. They look amazing.

Timmy said...

Dear Dish Gal,

You are the best. My dad was in town on business, and I went straight to Dish This! to find out where I should eat. Firstly, kudos for your thorough job of tagging your posts. I went straight for "South End."

Gaslight was great! Dad and I shared the escargots and the steak tartare, and then I had the sauteed skate, which was awesome. Tremendous recommendation!