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Miami, Part I: The first two days

So Dish Gal is back! Miami was really a cool place. I loved its diversity, architecture, and of course, warm weather. I didn't love its prices. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Julia and I got to Logan and had plenty of time. We grabbed magazines, I got some delicious tofu and brown rice from favorite UFood Grill, and we settled in. Then all of a sudden they announced that the plane was "missing a part" and the part wasn't arriving for another 2 hours. First off, I hate when airports get all TMI! Couldn't they just say it's delayed?? I don't want to picture my plane missing a wheel or anything...

I could only think of one thing worth passing the time, so we headed to the closest bar to drown our delayed-flight-sorrows.

So we enjoyed some white wine and trail mix...probably a little bit too much. Once on the plane, we got some more wine, and I discovered the secret to beating a fear of flying: booze!It was a miracle. Take-off, landing, the SCREAMING child behind me, the roaring engine we were seated next to-- nothing fazed me! Stepping off the plane, I stripped off layers of coats and sweaters and scarves that Boston weather demands. I kicked off my boots, and slipped on my flip flops, and I couldn't help but skip a little with glee.

The next day, struggling a bit, we headed to the beach, and then to the reason we were there: Chloe's wedding!!

Anyone walking into Chloe's wedding would instantly know she is a total foodie. Even before the ceremony, there was a pre-reception filled with food as far as the eye could see: A platter of roasted vegetables, gravlax, stuffed grape leaves, fresh fruit, and hearts of palm; a soup station, with sweet potato soup and potato leek soup, with appropriate garnishes for both; wok-fried pad thai; a station where you could order ahi-tuna to order; a carving station; and of course, passed hors d'oeuvres, including tiny hamburgers and hot dogs, curried chicken lettuce wraps, and much more.

Once inside the actual reception, we were greeted with a fresh salad, where Chloe's touch on the menu was apparent with the salad dressing -- an Asian-style, ginger dressing. Reminded me of past weekday lunches. Miss her!

The second course was a phyllo-stuffed lamb (or at least that's what we think..):

The next course was salmon, atop a potato latke:

Finally, we were offered TWO desserts. One with mango ice cream, the other... Um... Was...Oh, shoot, I must confess: I was too busy drinking and dancing to remember. . BUT I do remember the TWO cupcakes we got on our way out...YUM!

The next day, we had a food hangover (plus, a real hangover), but managed to head over to fun pedestrian-mall area Lincoln Road. There, palm trees and outdoor cafes ruled. Muscle men rollerbladed next to skinny hipsters; native Floridians wore hoodies and jeans, while tourists donned tank tops and shorts. Banana Republic and Starbucks were adjacent to art galleries and independent tattoo parlors. Kind of like a suped-up Faneuil Hall, with palm trees.

We decided on Spris, a cafe I had read about on chowhound. Their specialty was pizzas, but I decided on a panini with roast chicken, brie, cherry tomatoes, and pesto.

The post to come: our nighttime, true "Miami" restaurant experience...

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