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This weekend

Something about this weekend seemed a little different to Dish Gal. Was it that lots of people were visiting from out of town for the BC vs. Notre Dame game? Hmm, no..I don't think that's it. Was it that it was warm enough to open our windows in our apartment last night, despite the fact that it's well into November? Hmm, don't think it was that either...

And then it hit me. Dish Gal didn't try any new food/restaurants this weekend, and thus have nothing really to report on! Eeek. What is wrong with me!? ;) However, now that I think of it, there is some food-related, Dish This worthy mentionables from this weekend...

Saturday for brunch, Z and I meandered over to Tremont 647. Shockingly there was no wait (there even were empty tables) which was nice. However, what was not nice was the fact that they were BLASTING music which, while I'm sure is fun for the waiters, is not so fun for hungover patrons...We ordered some bloody mary's that were LOADED with black pepper. It was as if someone intended to put a dash in, and the top fell off the shaker so the entire contents poured into the drink. It was grainy, chewy, and a disappointment.

Z suggested we start with the homemade pop tart, which sounded like a silly novelty dish to me, but ended up being SUPERB and decadent (should be a dessert, not an appetizer!). The homemade filling of the day was pumpkin. Here's a terrible cell phone photo of it:

Saturday night I was tailgating at Boston College for the aforementioned football game. I wish I could say it was tons of fun, but Dish Gal was soaking wet (poor choices in rain gear!) and still struggling from Friday night. "Dinner" that night consisted of some of Skylar's guacamole (which I enjoyed thoroughly until she told me she mashed it up with her hands "that she had rinsed with water but no soap"-- haha nice image, Skylar...) and a cold hot dog. And of course, plenty of Coors Light. Blech. (EDITOR'S NOTE: The blech here is to the Coors Light, not to the food at the tailgate; sadly while drinking said beer I forgot to partake in the goodies before it was time to wrap it all up to head into the game! Thus, the cold hot dog and no comments on any other food is simply an example of Dish Gal's ineptness this night.)

Skylar's foodie boyfriend, let's call him Jacques (as in Pepin), showed up just minutes too late and was denied access to Shea Field- which was too bad as he showed up with a tupperware filled with sweet potato latkes! HA only Jacques would bring latkes to a tailgate. God love him.

A few hours later, bored out of my mind at the Joshua Tree in Allston, I mindlessly nibbled on some buffalo wings and the worst pizza I've ever tasted in my life. I mean, Celeste pizza puts this pizza to shame. It was like thin cardboard topped with tomato paste and microwaved cheese.

After the loooong and brutal night that was Saturday (silver lining: BC victory!) when Sunday morning rolled around I vowed to not leave my amazing neighborhood's borders (much appreciated after spending the night in Allston). Sebastian, Jamie, and I proudly donned our sweatpants and sweatshirts and took a leisurely stroll over to new-favorite North Street Grille.

We had the same waiter as before, whom I'm growing to love despite his gruff demeanor and his dislike for water (I mean seriously, everyone in that place is under 25 and probably hungover. What's the deal with the lack of H20!?). This time, Sebastian and I were jonesing for burgers, so we both opted for the North Street burger. We were told by said waiter that this burger takes 30-45 minutes.

Come again!???

Are they slaughtering the cow before cooking the burger? So confused. Despite our starvation, we stuck with our order. Jamie went with the french toast stuffed with raspberry and cream cheese. I stole many bites of this-- was sooo yummy. When the burgers finally arrived (probably like 25 minutes later), I was impressed by the yummy toasted and buttered bun, while the burger itself I would've enjoyed with a sharper cheddar or maybe more seasoned meat. Still, it was massive and hit the spot.

Didn't take any photos of the food, but here's a closing photo of the sugar pile we went through as we guzzled down multiple cups of coffee while waiting for the burgers:

All in all, let's sum up what we've learned, shall we?

1. I can't stand the Joshua Tree in Allston.
2. I love the North End (and when Jamie visits!)

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