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Little nibbles

So over the past months pretty much any meal that strikes me as special-- a homecooked meal by Dish Brother, a beautifully arranged salad by Z, an impromptu late-night dessert after seeing Joel McHale (from The Soup)-- has been photographed and saved on my computer. But sometimes (as other bloggers know) time passes so quickly and soon it's kind of too late to write about said photo. Here are some photos that I've wanted to share for awhile now.

Picture this: fresh off the BoltBus, arriving in New York City around 8:30 p.m. after nearly 5 hours on the road. Hop on the train to Brooklyn, where I'm welcomed by Dish Nephew, Dish Sister-in-law, and Dish Brother who had this meal on the table within 5 minutes. Fantastic! I can still taste the savory meat sauce and the delicate, handmade raviolis.

After seeing Joel McHale at the Roxy one Friday night, Z and I were in the mood for some dessert. We stopped by old stand-by Finale but unfortunately it had already closed, so instead we headed across the street to Via Matta. We sat in the bar area and enjoyed their delicious "mascarporeos"-- a deconstructed oreo cookie with hard chocolate cookies, dusted with confectionars sugar, and a side of mascarpone for your dunking pleasure. Love it!

This was one of the fastest meals to put together, delicious, and healthy. Stir-fried tofu, with one of those pre-made Asian slaws from Whole Foods. Those slaws and salads in the produce section are definitely worth checking out for a quick and healthy side dish.

Finally this is one of my favorite ice cream places ever. I know its unseasonal now, but at the first sign of spring, head to Captain Dusty's in Manchester-by-the-Sea for creamy goodness with a small-town feel.

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