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Election Day

Who would've thought election day would be a day I'd be looking forward to for months and months? After years of being jaded, this time I was filled with spirit and enthusiasm during this (long!!) road to November 4.

But what has struck me so much is the way its had the same effect on so many people, and the way these candidates have galvanized so many Americans. And even though the nation is divided in how they are voting, the sense of community-- everyone rushing to the polls to participate in this day-- really makes me feel like we're living history. So often being a part of history means being a part of something negative (like the economy going down the toilet). But in this case it feels so positive.

The photos of the lines, and the way people are willing to wait hours to vote, conjures up lots of emotions for Dish Gal-- excitement, pride, awe.

Like this story, from an article on

Ronnie Senique, a math teacher from Landover, Maryland, said he, too, is voting his first U.S. presidential race. Senique is originally from the Bahamas, but he became a U.S. citizen about three years ago.

He got up well before dawn and was the first one at the polls when he arrived at 4:10 a.m., almost three hours before the polls opened. By the time he left, he said, "The lines were around the corner. They snaked around the school. They went into the street."

Those standing in line to vote gave him a round of applause after he cast his first ballot in an American presidential election.

No matter what the result, stories like this really are amazing, and make me proud to live in America. Okay, I'm lying-- if Obama doesn't win, I will be crushed. ;)

Photo courtesy of The London Daily Times

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