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Night at Fenway Park

I know this is very un-Boston of me, but Dish Gal's relationship with the Sox is quite limited, and usually consists of having to share the green line with drunken fans. But this past week, I was lucky enough to score tickets to the Sox v. Indians game, and I took Z with me, who had NEVER been to a game! Seeing the whole thing through a newbie's eyes made it all the more fun.

But Dish Gal knows the best part of any sporting event: the food! And I wouldn't be a foodie if I didn't write about our food experience. On our way to the game, we stopped by UBurger, fast-food with a twist. UBurger prides itself on its fresh ingredients, setting itself apart from frozen beef patties at other fast-food mainstays like McDonalds by using freshly ground chuck formed by hand on premeses.

Of course, it's still a cheeseburger...but this Dish Gal was crrraving some red meat. And quality ingredients aside, this cheeseburger sat-is-fied! I had their standard Ucheeseburger ($4.29), with "secret sauce". The burger definitely tasted fresher than other fast-food places, and the soft and fluffy bun melted in your mouth. The secret sauce was tangy. Z tried the "Boom Burger" with Chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and fried jalapenos. Deeelicious. But I think I almost preferred the plain cheeseburger.
Once in the park, I told Z he just HAD to have a Fenway Frank. At first I could tell he was hesitant-- didn't we just eat??-- but once the girls next to us ordered them, and the young and energetic concessions lad stopped by, he knew what I was talking about. Down came the container from its perch atop the concession guy's head, and as he grabbed one for the girls next to us, steam bellowed out with the intoxicating Fenway scent that only one who has been to a game can understand. Z quickly said, "I'll have two please!" Nice.

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